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What Follows Easter

Holy Saturday—a day of waiting.  I decided to tackle warping my loom for the first time.  I watched a couple of videos.  I read a book.  I found all my tools.  I set about warping the loom.  As I got into the process I became quite excited.  I was doing it.  It was working—or so it appeared.  Until I realised I had a huge problem.  I had done it wrong.  The only way I could see to undo the problem was to create a bigger problem—a tangle of metres of wool.

Easter Monday—a day of patience.  I sat on the floor for hours untangling each thread.  Careful to find the end without breaking the strand.  Careful to put each strand in order.  Covered in fine fibres I finished disentangling each individual strand, ready to finish the warping of the loom.

Easter Monday— a day of careful and tortuous work.  It was painful, to see my fear and my mistake  on the floor in a tangled mess.  I am sure that life is a bit like this at the moment.  For some it requires patience and great care, putting strands of the old and new together to form a pattern, an order.  For some it is still full of fear; we wait for a future without the threat of COVID-19 dominating and limiting our lives.  We pull at one strand, carefully trying to release it from the tangled mess to find it is connected in another way.  We start again.  Patience and care is required.

Easter Monday—a day we reflect with joy on the celebrations of Easter morning—our church and our family celebrations.  But Easter Monday was not like that in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.  It was more like my tangled mess.  The disciples and other followers of Jesus knew Jesus was alive, but they did not understand what that meant.  They were not sure what to do.  They were paralysed by fear.  They hid in an upstairs room.  

Each of the gospels records their responses in different ways but there was fear, a need for the gift of peace from the Holy Spirit.  While we settle into further weeks of lockdown, we find ourselves in what some people call “Holy Week 2”—a time of figuring out what to do next.  A time to untangle the mess of life and figure out how to be Jesus’ people without him.  

Holy Week 2 Wednesday—Life carries on.  There is joy, and there is deep sorrow.   There are simple moments of great pleasure —nothing grand right now.  And I am still warping my loom.  I have made some progress, but I have also made more knots.  I keep going.  Like the disciples we keep at it—figuring out how to be today.  We may worry about tomorrow, but I find I can’t look too far ahead.  Too much is unknown.  We don’t know where the knots will come.  We have to take one small bit at a time.

Fortunately, the greatest message of Holy Week 2 is that Jesus is still with us.  Now we, like the disciples, have to figure out how to be his followers in new ways.  And when the lockdown is over, the needs of our world will be great.  Then we will have to continue figuring out  how to be Jesus’ people.  The world will need us to help untangle the mess even more than it did before.  We will do some work, untangle some problems, find some more.  Patiently, carefully, we will find our way. I imagine our future will hold loving and challenging work.  A lot like my weaving and Holy Week 2 all those years ago.



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