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Groundhogs and glimpses

Some people have started referring to these days in lockdown as “groundhog days.”  This is a reference to a movie in which Bill Murray relives the same day multiple times until he gets it “right”—in effect becomes a nice person.  Each day he wakes up and knows what is going to happen because he has already lived that day—the only difference is how he reacts.

For those of us not working  these last weeks may indeed feel like we are living the same day over and over.  For those who are still working, however, each day holds a challenge, often something not previously imagined.

Some like to say we are all in this together—and we may be—but each of us experience life in this time very differently.  Some have embraced it and learned new skills.  Some are desperate to get out and back to their previous lives.  Some are somewhere in between.  Some wonder what the future holds for them—having been made redundant or making major shifts in life patterns at this time.

Before the pandemic for many of us life had a routine.  We lived day by day, often with very similar patterns.  It was holidays and celebrations that made one day very different from the previous day.  But now we are conscious that the days run into each other—not much to make them different or they are radically different.  Either way our days are lived in extraordinary circumstances.  Part of what makes them different is our reactions.

Many years ago I read a book about a monk who found God in washing dishes.  What always struck me was that God was present in a very simple way, in an ordinary task.  God wasn’t found in the glorious monastery garden or the grandeur of the church, God was present in the kitchen, in the cleaning up, in one of the most ordinary and dirty tasks of life.

I confess I am not always aware of God’s presence.   Learning from Brother Lawrence, I have faith that God is present in my home working, in my daily tasks, in your drive to work, in your interactions with people, in your office.  Despite the changes in our lives, God is still present.  God is still the ground of our being.  This is the essence of Jesus’ message—God with us. 

We may feel like every day is the same.  We may feel quite challenged by today.  However we feel, God is with us, present in our actions and the life of those around us.  I hope you catch a glimpse of God today.  I hope someone catches a glimpse of God’s in you today.


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