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A Doughnut Pan

Most you know I cook.  I’m not a great cook.  I don’t always use the most expensive ingredients, but I am a bit of snob about food.  If people are coming over, I want everything I serve to be homemade.  One time that meant making a cake three times—I’m terrible at cakes!

It is not surprising than that during this lockdown I am cooking.  The challenge is doing things that are interesting, not the same old, same old food, using food I have in the cupboard rather than popping out for an ingredient.  I made pearl barley risotto one night.  It was quite good.   We have lots of bananas now.  I can’t stand overripe bananas.  In my troll through the internet for recipes I came across a recipe for baked banana doughnuts.  But you need a doughnut pan.

So I confess, I made a non-essential purchase. I bought a doughnut pan on Ebay.  I am sorry.  I see the photos shaming people for buying non-essentials right now,  but I have bought this pan.   I checked that it is being sent from within the UK.  I hope I am helping some lonely Ebay seller keep afloat, but I know it wasn’t essential.

Still I need a bit of joy.  Joy does not come from the purchase.  Joy comes from doing something for myself, trying something new, making space for creativity.  Cooking, while a necessity, can be creative.  These banana doughnuts are going to make me and David, I hope, smile.  The birds in my garden, the paint on a canvas, the words on a page, the picture of a landscape, the laughter over FaceTime are a few things that bring joy in this time of essentials and simplicity.  They don’t cost a lot, but they do bring a bit of joy.  

Perhaps I have to confess, not that I bought something, but that I am still looking for joy.  Where is your joy today?  

I have another confession—I might need a pair of slippers.  My stay-at-home feet are freezing.  Warm feet are probably a necessity, but I’ll put on a pair of socks, for today.


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Liz Kidd on :

Thanks Martha! I recognise that feeling. I'm making soup, as I do whenever I am challenged about anything and whenever I'm not! Spiced butternut squash soup today ( and enough for a fortnight!). Enjoy your donuts! You deserve them!

Cheryl Bhagwandin on :

I am going to experiment with a red velvet cake. I think it is the creativity combination of mind and muscle - simple pleasure and achievement that feels so satisfying - God apparently felt the same in the beginning!

Fiona Luddell on :

The only flour in the shops was coconut flour. Now I'm on the look out for recipes that use coconut flour. Starting with pancakes, today.

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